Fascia Research Project, Ulm University

on the ability of fascia to actively change its stiffness

Inst. f. Fundamental & Clinical Human Movement Studies, Amsterdam

Peter Huijing et al., specialized on myofascial force transmission.

Helene Langevinís research

on fascia in relation to acupuncture & low back pain

Sensory Innervation of Fascia

List of references

Thoracolumbar Fascia

List of references

Therapeutic manipulation of fascia

List of references

World Congresses on Low Back & Pelvic Pain

Selected Papers 1998-2007



Fascia Research Summer School
University of Ulm, Germany, Aug. 31 - Sept 5, 2014

Fascia oriented anatomy course with Andry Vleeming in Berlin, 29.05.-01.06.14