WC Low back & Pelvic Pain

9th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Singapore, 2016

Bert Ameloot
"The immediate effect of multiple mechanical impulses on electromyography and pain pressure threshold of lumbar latent trigger points: an experoimental study"

W. Bauermeister
"Sonoelastography: Real time measure of tissue stiffness in idiopathic low back and pelvic girdle pain"

W. Bauermeister
"Ultrasound elastography for the evaluation of the elastic properties of the thoraco-lumbar fascia and back muscles in idiopathic low back pain"

G. Casato, C. Stecco, Riccardo Busin
"Role of Fasciae in non-specific low back pain"

C.M. Gordon, C. Graf, S.M. Lindner et al
"Self-help treatment for low back pain and stress: A pilot study emplyoing a myofascial manipulation tool"

C.M. Gordon, C. Graf, A. Lazi et al
"Interdisciplinary fascia therapy (IFT Method) reduces chronic low back pain: A pilot study for a new myofascial approach"

C.M. Gordon, N. Birbaumer, F. Andrasik
"Interdisciplinary fascia therapy (IFT Method) in chronic low back pain: An effectiveness trial with 206 outpatients"

A. Griefahn, J. Oehlmann et al
"Do exercises with the foam roller have a short impact on the thoracolumbar fascia? A randomized controlled trial"

E.W. Kelsick
"Aquatic therapy: Rehabilitation tool for musculoskeletal dysfunction"

A.B. McKay
"Unique mechnism for lumbar muscoskeletal pain defined from primary care research into periosteal/enthesis response to biomechanical stress and formation of small fibre polyneuropathy"

Mike Pihlman
"Ultrasonography analysis of the thoracolumbar fascia shearing movement in extension-flexion movement in healthy adults"

Robert Schleip, Werner Klingler
"Posterior layer of lumbar fascia as a potential source of low back pain"

Mark Schuenke
"Tension in the lumbar myofascial ring: effects of rectus abdominis contraction on the lumbar spine"

D. Sharan
"The result of a sequenced rehabilitation protocol for ankylosing spondylitis"

D. Sharan
"Outcome of a multidiscipinary rehabilitation protocol for failed back surgery syndrome"

D. Sharan
"A systematic review on the management of myofascial pain syndrome of the lower back"

D. Sharan
"Outcome of sequenced, multidiscipinary rehabilitation of lumbar prolapsed intervertebral disc associated with myofascial pain syndrome"

D. Sharan
"Hypovitaminosis D and low bone mineral density in coccydynia and chronic pelvic pain"

D. Sharan
"Prevalence and risk factors of low back pain among caregivers of children with cerebral palsy post single event multilevel surgery"

C Stecco, T Lahrinen Suopanki
"Role of fascia in non-specific low back pain"

J. Wilke
"Myofascial Chains revisited: A review of several suggested force transmission lines from an evidence-oriented perspective with special focus on low back stability"

8th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Dubai, 2013

Robert Schleip
"Possibilities and limitations of fascia oriented concepts in research and treatment of low back and pelvic pain"

Roberto Meroni, G Valagussa, M Marinelli et al
"Tactile acuity of the trunk in chronic low back pain"

T Findley, H Chaudhry et al
"Evaluation of the rotational stiffness and elasticity of the low back pain and improving the low back dysfunction"

Michael Kjaer
"Influence of exercise on collagen synthesis and on other aspects of matrix remodeling"

D Sharan, M Mohandoss, R Ranganathan
"Myofascial pain syndrome of the lower back and treatment using a sequenced protocol"

A Stecco, C Stecco
"The anatomical and functional relation between gluteus maximus and fascia lata"

M Branchini, F Lopopolo, E Andreoli, C Stecco
"Fascial manipulation for chronic low back pain - a randomized controlled trial"
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PWM Marshall, S. Kennedy, C Brooks, C Lonsdale
"Clinical outcomes and mechanisms of action following pilates exercise of stationary cycling for patients with chronic non-specific low back pain"

7th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Los Angeles, 2010

Mercedes Blanquet, Tomás Domingo, Juan Carlos Oritz et al
"Ultrasound study of thoracolumbar fascia and surrounding tissues in chronic low back pain before and after spinal manipulative therapy"

AM Castro-Sanchez, GA Matarán-Penarrocha et al
"Connective Tissue Massage for Physical Functional Capacity on Low Back Pain"

D Hunt, M Harris-Hayes, K Steger-May et al
"Gender differences in a passive hip range of motion in asymptomatic adults"

Werner Klingler
"Temperature Effects on Fascia"

Helene M Langevin, Debbie Stevens-Tuttle, James R Fox et al
"Ultrasound Evidence of Altered Lumbar Connective Tissue Structure in Human Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain"

Peter Lelean
"Migatory Fascia - a Role in Dictal Carcinoma in Situ?"

Robert Schleip
"The Fascial Network: An Exploration of its Load Bearing Capacity and its potential role as a Pain Generator"

Andry Vleeming, Frank Willard
"Foreclosure and Optimal Stability of the Lumbopelvic Region"

Frank Willard, J.E. Carreiro
"The Aponeurotic Roots of the Thoracolumbar Fascia"

6th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Barcelona, 2007

Leon Chaitow
"Chronical Pelvic Pain: Pelvic Floor Problems, Sacro-iliac Dysfunction and the Trigger Point Connection"

Kay Cooper, Blair Smith, Elizabeth Hancock
"The Effect of Chronic Low Back Pain on Three-Dimensional Pelvic and Spinal Kinematics during Overground Walking"

César Fernandéz de las Penas

HJ De Vries, A Vleeming, I Ronchetti, JP Van Wingerden
"Pelvic Girdle Pain: The Sensitivity and Specificity of the Long Dorsal Sacroiliac Ligament Test"

Kyle Kiesel, Rob Butler, Andrea Duckworth et al
"Experimentally Induced Pain Alters the EMG Activity of the Lumbar Multifidus During Functional Tasks"

Werner Klingler, Adjo Zorn, Robert Schleip
"Contractile Features of Human Lumbar Fascia"

Laurie McLaughlin, Charlie H Goldsmith
"Altered Respiration in a Case Series of Low Back/Pelvic Pain Patients"

Vert Mooney, John Mayer, David Woodbridge
"Exercise for Managing Adolescent Scoliosis"

Robert Schleip, Werner Klingler, F Lehmann-Horn et al
"Fascia is able tl Contract in a Smooth Muscle-like Manner and Thereby Influences Musculoskeletal Mechanics"

Anne Smith
"Classification of Sagittal Thoraco-Lumbo-Pelvic Alignment of the Adolescent Spine in Standing Using Two-Dimensional Photographic Images and the Association with Back Pain"

Nili Steinberg, Itzhak Siev-Ner, Smadar Peleg, Gali Dar
"Low Back Pain in Young Dancers"

Zavieh Minoo Khalkhali, M Parnianpur, H Karimi et al
"Quantification of the Effects of Postural Hyperkyphosis on Postural Stability and Spinal Proprioception"

5th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Melbourne, 2004

Priscilla Barker, K Guggenheimer, PW Hodges et al
"The Effect of Applying Tension to the Lumbar Fasciae on Segmental Flexion and Extension"

A.T. Masi
"Ankylosing spondylitis: Integrated clinical and physiological perspectives"

R. Schleip
"Active contraction of the thoracolumbar fascia - Indications of a new factor in low back pain research with implications for manual therapy"

4th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Montreal, 2001

Priscilla Barker, Christopher A Briggs, Goce Bogeski
"Muscle Attachments of the Lumbar Fasciae"

3rd Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain, Vienna, 1998

F.M. Kovacs
"Neuroreflexotherapy Intervention for Exacerbrations of Chronic Low Back Pain: Clinical Evidence and Biological Substrate"

Andy Vleeming
"Possible Role of the Long Dorsal Sacroiliac Ligament in Peripartum Pelvic Pain"

F.H. Willard, J.E. Carreiro, W. Manko
"The Long Posterior Interosseous Ligament and the Sacrococcygeal Plexus"

Christine Hamilton, Carolyn Richardson
"Active Control of the Neutral Lumbopelvic Posture; A Comparison between Back Pain and Non Back Pain Subjects"

Stephen M. Levin
"The Tensegrity System and Pelvic Pain Syndrome"